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Mormons live all over the world and they tend to live as their neighbors do, in many ways. They live the culture of their nation. They live in ordinary communities, not Mormon-only complexes, have jobs in the general world, and educate their children any way they choose. They wear ordinary clothing and live in ordinary families. Mormons believe it is important to keep Christ’s commandment in the Bible to be honest with other people. We aren’t perfect at it, but we strive to do our best. The 10 commandments say not to “bear false witness.”. Donate 10% or more of your income to charity and the building up of the kingdom of God. Mormon mom-of-three, 39, reveals she is leading 'secret double life' as an online model who makes $37,000 A MONTH selling sexy photos of herself - despite admitting she'd be KICKED OUT of church.
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